Tpi ecm upgrade

Much of this article will apply to other s era GM cars including injected big blocks and even fire V6s. The Tuned Port Injection and Throttle Body Injection versions of the small block Chevy and used very different hardware, but similar electronics.

Not only do they show up in many trucks such as the C pickup, but also Camaros, Firebirds, and Corvettes, and other cars as well. Also these two injection systems are also very popular for swaps into street rods, S10 pickups, and muscle cars.

For these engines, we recommend using the Megasquirt-II. It can control a HEI ignition and the stepper motor idle control found on these engines using its standard hardware.

tpi ecm upgrade

For those of you who are looking to do a less expensive installation, you can use the Megasquirt-I, but this will not have provisions for controlling the IAC. When using a Megasquirt-I, you will need to adjust the idle speed screw to obtain a fast enough idle in cold weather. For the pre-mod kit version of this article, click here. This article also mentions the relay board. While factory injected will not need this, the relay board is very helpful when you are swapping an injected motor into a car that never came with fuel injection from the factory.

Note that this does not allow sequential injection, as HEI provides no cylinder identification. You do not need any mods to make this work.

How to MegaSquirt Your TPI or TBI Chevy Small-Block V8 or V6

Your goal is to make these two match. To do this, get your engine warmed-up otherwise the timing moves as the temperature increases and idling, then use a timing light to verify to be certain your actual advance as shown by a timing light equals your the advance display on the advance gauge in TunerStudio. Changing the Trigger Offset in MegaTune will not change the displayed advance, instead, it changes the actual advance as seen with a timing light.

This write-up uses slightly different pins to better work with the relay board. Tune it right. Tune it for less.

Tune it Yourself. Website built by Creative Combustion. Hi, Guest! Welcome Guest Login Register. Connect it to pin 24 on the Megasquirt main board, or the Tach pin on the relay board.

Note that the DIY Autotune wiring harness has a shielded wire — connect only the inner wire to this pin! Connect the B pin MS3X pin The only differences were the addition of the TPI and improvements in the valve train Several modifications have been made to the TPI system introduced in In the cold start injector was deleted from the system. The primary injectors were used for cold starts via a fuel enrichment program in the newer EPROM calibrators.

tpi ecm upgrade

In GM introduced the speed density system. The LT1 was also introduced in 92, as the basic engine in the Corvette. Opti-Spark also made its entry on the LT1 engine in This was the 1st year for Sequential port Injection in these cars. It looks the same as the LT1, however the heads and valve train have been modified. The valves are larger 2. Air passages are larger to enhance volumetric efficiency, hollow valve stems, aluminum roller rocker arms and stronger valve springs have also been added.

The camshaft has more lift and a slight overlap at the end of the combustion cycle eliminating the need for EGR. The compression ratio is Premium Gas Only Sequential Central Port Injection is a standard on the 4. What's nice about all this? They will fit the old engines, but heads would also have to be changed on theand engines. This unit must be programed before being placed in service.

That is a will not plug in to a harness and operate. The wiring for these systems are not interchangeable, without modifyingthe wiring harness. It is this device that provides specific information for the ECM and allows for different timing characteristics,and injector pulse width for the 5.

A Calpak, a separate chip on the Calibrator Modules, normally provides the information to the ECM for rear axle gear ratio on pre 90 models. To allow for the various Engines, transmission, gear ratio combinations and to meet national, international and state standards for emissions,a wide variety of these Calibrators are available from GM. After some calibrators incorporate a vehicle anti theft system VATS. There are two learning features. The I and BL feature is normal with a value of around C4 Corvettes are -- by nature -- performance machines precision engineered to offer their drivers the power and handling that real auto enthusiasts demand.

This type of driver may well be interested in customizing their car, and the modifications they are most likely to undertake are those that help the vehicle perform better.

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Getting more oomph out of a Corvette can be as simple as changing out one critical part, or it can involve a complete replacement of entire systems, depending on the abilities and desires of the car's owner. C4 Corvette Smooth Intake Coupler. Status: Available. C4 Corvette Air Intake Housing. C4 Corvette Accelerator Cable. C4 C5 Corvette Shock Simulators.

C3 C4 Corvette Thermostat - Degree. C3 C4 Corvette Automatic Transmission Cooler. C4 Corvette Rebuilt Rear Differentials. DEI 36in x 40in Heat Screen. Y-Block Fitting - Size Options. JLT Oil Separator 3. Performance parts for a car like the Vette is a fairly inclusive category. It covers everything from the air intake to the exhaust system, including things like heat shield and cooling ducts as well as control chips, MAFs and other sensors and even regulators.

Upgrade and relocation kits and heavy duty parts to help the Corvette apply its substantial muscle are all easily available performance modifications. Replacement of the throttle and parts associated with it also fall into this category.

Finding the right part for a specific modification can be involved. The component must be manufactured for the specific make and model of car for which it is intended, and in some cases it must be appropriate for a particular option package. To find the parts you need to give your to era Corvette a performance boost, consult with experts like the staff at Corvette Mods, who know the best ways to improve any aspect of the car's functionality.

Try your questions on them via telephone, email or snail mail, and take the first steps toward unleashing your Corvette's true power. Browse By Category. My Account. Top Sellers. Select Brand.I want to increase performance and efficiency, but I don't want to go the LS route. I'm considering a stroker build, but I still want to maintain a stock appearance. How can I improve that on the intake and EFI system? I would like to convert to a sequential EFI, a larger throttle-body, and improve airflow.

I also plan on running long-tube headers with an X-pipe and cat-back. Where I live, the car is emissions-exempt, so I can delete the AIR smog pump and catalytic converter. What do you suggest? Larry Allard Via email. ANSWER Converting from batch-fired port fuel injection half of the injectors fire simultaneously to sequential port injection each injector fires individually would require a different, more modern GM ECU computer or an aftermarket system, meaning a whole new wiring harness and sensor suite, plus either a dual-synch distributor or crank-trigger setup.

Another issue is that on the Corvette, the speedometer ties directly into the factory computer, a function that isn't supported on typical standalone aftermarket upgrade harnesses.

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The full-sequential upside is modern computers are end-user reflashable, compared to having to burn a new "chip" every time you need to make a change to the original factory TPI computer. The downside with going full-sequential is you won't see any power gains on a normally aspirated, street-driven hot rod—the OEs went sequential primarily for emissions and gas-mileage improvements.

tpi ecm upgrade

In the performance world, sequential injection only makes a significant difference on a high-end engine making so much power that it's "running out of injector. Just deleting the AIR pump and installing a shorter serpentine-drive belt isn't a smart move because that won't provide proper pulley belt-wrap and tensioning on the overall drive system. The right way to delete the smog pump for off-road use only is to use an off-road AIR pump delete kit that comes with a bracket and a "dummy" pulley that bolts in place of the original pump, thereby maintaining the proper belt-wrap around the other system pulleys as well as the correct belt tension using the original-length belt and tensioner.

ACC for Corvettes. You're definitely right that the uniquely shaped TPI intake manifold is the system's big bottleneck. I prefer to think of the manifold's long runners as the engine combination's dominant tuning factor. They're like long, tuned-length exhaust header tubes—but on the intake side. You can free up the exhaust side, install better cylinder heads, or slide in a bigger cam, but none of these traditional hop-up techniques will extend the operating range much over 5, rpm as long as those long stock runners remain.

So what can be done to a TPI yet still "maintain a stock appearance? A larger motor is a sound plan. No one can tell how many cubes are beneath the valve covers. Your idea of long-tube headers backed by an X-pipe and cat-back system is a definite improvement as well, but at this stage, don't go too large on the exhaust headers—1-inch primaries into 3-inch collectors is about right, dropping down to in your case a catless, header-back, "off-road" 2.

TPIS can do the upper and lower intake-manifold porting. Alternatively, Accel and Edelbrock once offered larger-passage lower intakes, but they're long gone; scour eBay or swap meets. Be careful, there are subtle changes to TPI manifolds over the years. In a Corvette with aluminum heads, they must accept the EGR tube that runs to the back of the intake, have an intake bolt-pattern where all the manifold-to-head attaching bolts are drilled at the same angle, and for models not have a ninth cold-start injector hole.

With the intake and exhaust freed up to the extent a TPI can be freed upthe engine responds to cams with 0. The Chevy cam is designed to work best with 1.These boards are meant to be used with Megasquirt-II only. The TPI adapter board is designed to squeeze both the adapter and the Megasquirt into the stock case.

The Megasquirt board is supported by the DB37 connector at one end and the other end is supported by the side rails. Changing the Trigger Offset in MegaTune will not change the displayed advance, instead, it changes the actual advance as seen with a timing light.

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Your goal is to make these two match. To do this, get your engine warmed-up otherwise the timing moves as the temperature increases and idling, then use a timing light to verify to be certain your actual advance as shown by a timing light equals your the advance display on the advance gauge in MegaTune. If you are having problems losing spark while cranking, take the wire included with the adapter board and add it your harness connector on pin C9. Connect this to the ignition key on a terminal that gets 12 volts in the Start position but not the Run position.

This will allow the bypass feature to function normally. The adapter board lets you control several features besides fuel and ignition.

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Two of these can be accessed through the spare port configuration screen in TunerStudio. While the factory torque converter lock-up is controlled by the vehicle speed sensor among other thingsthe MS-II does not have a vehicle speed sensor input.

Instead, you can control it so that it is active above a certain RPM, and you can also set MAP reading or throttle position as a secondary condition. Click here to view the TPI adapter board schematics. Tune it right. Tune it for less. Tune it Yourself. Website built by Creative Combustion. Hi, Guest! Welcome Guest Login Register.The Corvettes used it up untilas they moved on to the LT1 in Throughout the years though, there were changes in how the system was controlled.

As a result, there were several different ECM options. Below you will find some useful information for determining what kind of ECM you need for your Tuned Port Injection conversion. The computer chips between computers will not interchange, although they may look similar. Being the first year of production for the TPI system, there were some things that GM wanted to change almost right off the bat.

This ECM was used only on models. This ECM was used both on and engines. This does not mean that it is more difficult, or that PROM modifications can't be made. Its just that there hasn't been as large an effort to work on this ECM, enthusiasts often end up converting to a later model ECM. Also, it sends data to the ALDL port at baud, which is very slow. This provides a "snapshot" of what all the sensors are reading once every few seconds.

How to Use a GM TPI MegaSquirt Adapter Board

They sent data several times a second. I have read on several occassions that late in the production run, GM had already changed to the ECM and harness that they later used in I have not confirmed this myself, so I can't say for sure that its true. If this is true though, it is possible though to come across a model which uses the ECM. ECM number is equivalent and can be used in its place without any problems. The same computer was used both for and for engines. The only difference between the two engine sizes was the PROM that was used.

This model is part of the P4 ECM family. This system is not very sensitive to engine changes, and can adapt fairly well. However, many enthusiasts find that it is a little more difficult to fine tune than the later Speed Density system. Please realize that this is a matter of opinion and personal preference. Each of these systems have advantages and disadvantages over one another.

Porting my plenum on my 85 TPI!

This allows for several sets of data per second. This is the later style Speed Density system. It does not use a Mass Air Flow sensor. Instead, a Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is used in its place.

This allows more flexibility in running air ducts to the throttle body, or an air filter can be installed directly on the throttle body. It is for this reason, that it provides a cleaner looking installation on many street rods, and hot rods.

There are two equivalent ECM numbers which can be used in its place without any problems. These are numbersand This ECM is also in the P4 family. It mounts inside the passenger compartment, as it is not weatherproof. It can be recognized by having a very large PROM access cover that runs from one side of the ECM to the other, and has three harness connectors. Most enthusiasts feel this is the easiest system to tune.

However, it is also very sensitive to engine changes. Any change that affects the engines volumetric efficiency significantly ability to fill the combustion chamber will not show its true potential until the system has been tuned. Volumetric efficiency is affected mostly by cam and head changes. This does not mean that you cannot run a moderate or large camshaft with this setup.And at the same time, we're still driving a secondwhite '91 Firebird.

Though you voted on CarCraft. So were on it. Using basic cooling and tuning steps, and opening up theintake and exhaust, we drove the 'Bird to a corrected Considering that the '88 Firebird that we built in ran But there's more.

When we bought this thing about two months ago, wewere hoping for easy speed for low dough. But the car barfed everycritical TPI-specific part that controls idle and driveability then gothot in traffic and stalled see it on CarCraft.

So we're behind alittle in money spent but way ahead in speed. Our plan is to prove thatyou can go 13s in one of these cars without cracking the seal on theengine or opening up a bottle. Then later we will spray our way into the12s. What we didn't mention in the first story is that we solved a lot ofproblems by replacing the injectors and fuel pump.

These parts areactually a lot more affordable from MSD and Holley now that the car isnearly 15 years old. The Holley in-tank fuel pump will flow up to lph at up to psi fuel pressure. Good if you are going to spray itlike we are. Just look at it like adding a new carb and electric fuelpump on an old musclecar. We could call this a baseline, but really the car wouldn't always startor run when we got it, so the baseline would have us burning to theground at the top end of the racetrack after a second run.

Instead,by the first run we'd already performed a basic tune-up, replaced mostof the fuel system and computer, and modified the cooling system with acooler thermostat and electric-fan switch. You can expect a healthy carto run 15s at high altitude or mid 14s at sea level.

On street radialswe ran an observed There's an ugly restriction in the intake tract on 'and-later SpeedDensity cars and it's worse for earlier MAF-tube sufferers. It eliminates the stock air box and allows cold airto be picked up from the factory hole in the firewall. Installation isstraightforward and the kit includes parts to relocate the charcoalcanister to the driver side of the engine compartment by the battery. Aftermarket intake runners are the soup du jour for TPI guys, and SLPmakes a set that are actually easier to install than the stock piecesbecause of the thicker mounting flanges.

These things are worked to makepower by enlarging the intake tubes and removing the first inch or so ofmaterial between the runners where they mate with the plenum,essentially extending the plenum area.

More plenum, more torque. Thenext trick is to cut the plenum divider and the gasket to match, but wedecided to keep the first set of mods strictly bolt-on. If you are going to do one thing to your TPI car it should be installinga good set of headers.

We've seen 0.

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The cast-iron manifold feeds all the exhaust ports into one centralizedtube that takes a degree turn into a small collector. It's like GMhated it. The new SLP tubes slide in from the top pretty easily afteryou pull all the emissions stuff out of the way. We switched thespark-plug wires to degree-boot style with a generic Summit set andbolted them up.

The collectors use a doughnut combined with a variationof the ball-flange design that matches the stock stuff. It makes it so you don't have to go to the parts store, not evenonce. The two-into-one pipe from the headers joins a 3-inch elbow thatconnects to the cat. We used a Random Technologies 3-inch catalyticconverter that bolted directly to the after-cat via another ball flangebut required a weld where the SLP elbow met the Random inlet.

Since wealso needed to weld up the A.